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  BALAMORE JUSTICE 126J Purchased from Balamore Farms for $31,000
  CML ANTHEM 20H Semen Package purchased from Mcleod Livestock / Whitelake Colony
  DC/CRJ TANK E108 P Semen package purchased from Hunter Charolais
  DCR MR S DISTANCE J216 ET Purchased from Doll Ranch for $14,500 US
  ELDER'S HOULIO 4H Semen pack bought from Elders Charolais/LT Ranch
  HWY COMMISSIONER 9028G Bred and raised in Herd  
  HWY ODIN 9044G Bred and raised in herd  
  JMAR JERICHO 1C721 Purchased from JMAR Genetics
  JSR ESTRADA 52E Purchased a share in 2021
  KWA ODIN 29A Bought from Ashworth Simmental for $21,000 REGISTRY
  LCDR WITNESS 541C Semen Purchased from Bohrson Marketing REGISTRY
  MAIN PAYDAY 122F Purchased from Charmain Ranching
  PLEASANTDAWN VESSEL 195H Bought from Pleasant Dawn Charolais for $35,000
  PM THUNDERBIRD 14'14 Bought for $12,000 from Poplar Meadows Angus REGISTRY
  PRO-CHAR WILSON 2J Purchased from Prochar Charolais for $20,000
  RGP EVERGLADE 31G Purchased from Palmer Charolais for $27,500
  SCX JEHU 233E Semen package bought from Mcleod Livestock, White Lake Colony and Circle 7
  SKORS HIGH ROLLER 94B Purchased from Skors Simmental $17,000 REGISTRY
  SVS TYCOON 841F Semen Purchased from Bohrson Marketing REGISTRY
  TURNBULLS DUTY-FREE 358D Semen package purchased from Palmer Charolais


  FINK VANITY 7548 3877 BF Flush Purchased from Desco Charolais, Fink Beef Genetics and Clark Charolais
  MISS PRAIRIE COVE 314A Bought for $11,500 from Prairie Cove Charolais
  MISS PRAIRIE COVE 519C Bought for $11,500 from Prairie Cove Charolais
  SOS PEACHES 42B Purchased from Springside Farms for $22,000
  TMJF ESTER 655E Purchased from Springside Farms for $13,000
  TURNBULL'S MISS MAY 1G Bought for $24,500 from Turnbull Charolais
  HKS MS LANE 175H Purchased in shares with Pleasant Dawn Farms for $23,000 from Howe Coulee Charolais  
We are passionate about helping customers select the right herd-ready bulls for their operation! Give us a call or stop in.

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