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Latest Cattle Industry News:
The Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer recorded its largest one-month drop in sentiment during March.
According to the US National Farmers Union, the USDA must distribute assistance to farmers and rural communities as quickly and fairly as possible.
The European Union’s chief agriculture official said it was premature to restrict beef imports after industry groups called for additional support measures while battling COVID-19.
Meat packing giant Cargill has shut a plant that serves grocery stores due to COVID-19.
US livestock futures surged on 7 April as steep discounts in futures prices lured investors to buy back in.
The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) is calling on the Government to help fund a short-term financial support scheme for dairy farmers whose businesses have been severely affected as a result of Coronavirus and to avert a larger crisis in the industry.
Dairy farmers in Ontario expect to dump millions of litres of milk due to coronavirus.
Cattle farmers should ensure their treatment for roundworms is sustainable.
South Africa has agreed to set aside 1.2 billion rand ($64 million) to assist small-scale farmers and support food production as a nationwide lockdown stretches on.
Leading US meat companies shuttered three facilities in Iowa and Pennsylvania that produce pork and beef due to COVID-19, further disrupting the US food supply chain.
US live cattle futures fell to their daily trading limit on 6 April – prices for the front-month contract hit their lowest levels since December 2009. – new web app launches for dairy farms
Emerging research has demonstrated that Ivermectin, a widely available antiparasitic treatment for cattle, inhibits the causative virus for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in vitro.
The American Farm Bureau Federation has urged the USDA to make special direct payments to dairy producers, livestock farmers and cattle ranchers.
US cattle futures fell on Friday 3 April as measures to control to COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and restaurants and sent US unemployment rates skyrocketing.
A labour union in Uruguay has stopped the slaughter of cattle in the Montevideo area until 8 April as part of negotiations over salaries and measures to protect workers from the ongoing pandemic.
When talking about sustainable meat, we often hear the phrase “less and better” as the guiding principle – but what does that mean in reality?
Labour and supply chains among the biggest challenges facing essential rural industries both in the US and globally.
Alltech and Keenan have announced the launch of a new InTouch service that allows UK dairy and beef farmer to benefit from independent nutritional advice and support, free of charge for the next three months.
Farming consultants have created an emergency document to help farmers plan ahead in case they fall ill during the coronavirus pandemic.
On 2 April, the European Commission proposed a package of measures to soften the blow of the coronavirus pandemic on the EU economy.
BRF announces that it will hire an additional 2,000 workers in order to maintain production levels.
The COVID-19 pandemic has already disrupted the world’s food supplies and is causing labour shortages in the agriculture sector – how resilient is our food system?
On 2 April, 76 farm, conservation and wildlife groups delivered a letter to Congress requesting full funding for conservation programmes and technical assistance for 2021.
US cattle futures tumbled as concerns mount over skyrocketing unemployment and a possible recession as the coronavirus pandemic continues.


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